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Optimize the desktop

First of all, I use a nice wallpaper to look at. If it has a function beyond that - that’s fine too. At present I use my wallpaper to evaluate a web design in different resolutions.


Reduce the number of shortcuts.

Every program believes it’s the most important piece of software, and even though it’s fine for software companies to be enthusiastic about their product, it will quickly clutter up your workspace. I have a total of 7 shortcuts on my desktop.

Optimize the quick-launch-bar

These small icons are in many cases draining power from your system, so remove the ones you don’t need. I have a total of 7 items in the bar.

Keep a strict hierarchy in your favorite IE-shortcuts.

With more than 4.000 homepages in my favorite folder I would be at a total loss without a strict hierarchy.

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