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The Right Way - Example two

When you installed the new programs you took note of the mistakes you made and wrote them down in the “Imagefile.txt” along with the advice from the hotline.

The first thing you do now is to turn back the clock by restoring the imagefile you made in February. Now your PC is once again perfect.

The next step is to install the new programs. You can refer to the “Imagefile.txt” to avoid the same mistakes you made the first time you installed the programs and this time you can also take advantage of the advice you received and wrote down from the hotline.

You perform the installation without mistakes, you update & run your anti spyware & anti virus software and you clean the system & de-fragment drive C: and D: and so you’re ready to make a new imagefile.

Now you still have a perfect PC and you can build on from there!

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