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The Wrong Way - Example one

The computer is still working without a glitch, so you’re thinking that maybe now is a good time to make a new imagefile - after all everything is working just fine!

So you just make the imagefile and continue on from there.


The problem here is that even though the PC is working fine, you don’t know if the two months of using the PC and surfing the internet has left traces or corrupted files that could turn out to be a problem later on.

The same goes for your installation of the 2 new programs. If you made mistakes in the installation procedure you don’t know if those mistakes left a problem that you’ll need to address later on.

This also applies to the shareware programs, you can be sure that even though you’ve uninstalled the programs, you still have “leftovers” on your computer.

If you make an imagefile from here, any file-corruption, any mistake you made and all the “leftovers” will be inherited in the following (non-perfect) imagefiles!

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